iOS Tapatalk 2 Issues/Suggestions Thread

Discussion in 'Tapatalk App Community' started by metllicamilitia, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. William

    William iOS Developer Staff Member

    Please noted this thread is focus on tapatalk for iPhone. Suggest you post your issue on android section for better service ;)

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  2. William

    William iOS Developer Staff Member

    We will for sure take your suggestion into our future plan consideration ;)

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  3. CD130

    CD130 Member


    I have another question / suggestion. Is it possible to refresh a topic on the bottom in a thread in TT2? This is very handy when I wan't to check if there is a new reaction. Now I always go to the top of the screen to refresh.

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  4. Yep, open up the bottom menu, the red arrow, and a refresh button is inside.

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  5. CD130

    CD130 Member

    Yeh, I found it!! Thx!!
  6. How do I do this?

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21368946553.057936.jpg

    I input my Tapatalk ID and that doesn't work, so I just use my screen name and it says the parameters are invalid even though it's within the 3-16 character limit. I'm confused and not sure how to set this up so I can upload via Tapatalk.

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  7. Desmo

    Desmo Member

    Sorry mate, let me explain.
    When browsing a thread or my participated threads section and a notification comes in, if I click on that notification and read the associated thread, when I click the back button it goes to subscribed threads, not what I was viewing previously.
    No big deal though really.
    And is there any chance of animated GIFs?
  8. Morac

    Morac Active Member

    I'd like the ability to display subscribed forums and subscribed threads separately. I don't like having to scroll down past all the subscribed forums to find my subscribed threads. It should also be easier to get to unread subscribed threads.
  9. logistical

    logistical New Member

    Is it possible to get an option to have the tapatalk ID section collapsed on app open? It's a nuisance to have to close it every time I open the app.
  10. Frederuco

    Frederuco Member

    When accessing the Accounts / Explore / Settings panel in landscape, one cannot scroll down to change colors. Works fine in portrait.

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  11. William

    William iOS Developer Staff Member

    Working on a better color change UI. :)

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  12. Frederuco

    Frederuco Member

    Another bug - in the Ban users dialog, the delete posts looks odd in portrait and landscape. Also, in landscape the keyboard will not pop up:

    Also, just noticed it says "Advanced" but there is no mention of delete posts next to the on off slider.

    Edit - the text is there, but it is white on off white. Happens in the two dark (black and brown) themes. Fine in blue and red.
  13. fuchanghuan

    fuchanghuan Administrator

    Thank you for your feedback, and We have fixed this issue. You can update the app in next version.
  14. bigfooty

    bigfooty New Member

    Hi - in Tapatalk 2 I am having this problem: the "Signature" option remains disabled and does not respond. "BBCode" and "Photo Sharing" options work fine.

    I have reinstalled but it is still not working.

  15. William

    William iOS Developer Staff Member

    Please suggest your forum admin to temporarily enable signature settings (so users can turn it off on app side) to walk-around this issue, or suggest your users to sign in some other forum with signature (such as our support forum) to turn it off.

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  16. dennis lambert

    dennis lambert New Member

    This app is too buggy. Between the signature and notification issues it is in no way worth the money…
  17. habibi

    habibi Active Member

    Tapatalk pro latest version not showing text that are strikethroughs.
  18. AlexHedley

    AlexHedley New Member

    Could more BBCODEs be added please?

    would be a useful one.
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  19. luohui8891

    luohui8891 Tapatalk iOS Developer Staff Member

    Yes, we will support "code" soon.
  20. AlexHedley

    AlexHedley New Member

    Great news, thanks
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