Android Tapatalk 2.4 Beta Testing

Discussion in 'Tapatalk App Community' started by winter, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. winter

    winter Tapatalk Master Staff Member

    Beta is closed. Please check out Google Play for latest version. Thanks!


    Our development team will be away for vacation for next few days and we thought we should release 2.4 as a beta so you can get a feel of what coming up next. We are still working on the ICS+ specific app but it will be on different track (so please don't ask why it is not yet ICS optimized). Visually there are not much change but we have refactored the code quite a bit so we want to make sure there are no regression issues. Here are the changelog:

    - Added a new free color
    - fixed JB editor text overlap issue
    - Merge Announcement / Stickies and normal topics into a single list
    - New Pagination buttons
    - Bigger YouTube preview thumbnail
    - Many other bug fixes and small enhancements

    Also we will be introducing Tapatalk VIP feature to thank active users in this support forum, being a VIP you will get access to all in-app purchase for free. I hope this to encourage you to give constructive feedback and to improve the app going forward. We will have a system in place to grant users in this forum with VIP access (make sure your email address in this forum is the same address as in your Tapatalk ID)

    This app will expire in 2 weeks time and we aim to release it by next weekend if no major issues.

  2. Sushubh

    Sushubh Member

    I am new to beta testing. New pagination buttons are nice. Like the wider YouTube thumbnail. Curious why images cannot be wider as well!
  3. PALADiN

    PALADiN Member

    Is Pistachio the new free colour? I didn't see another colour in the colour settings.

    EDIT: Here's my colour selection screen:

    Also worth noting is that when I select Pistachio, it reckons I've selected Aquamarine (and vice versa). When restarting the app after enabling/selecting those colours though, the colour selected is displayed.

    EDIT 2: It seems that Aquamarine is the new free colour. It obviously didn't get moved up to the top row which explains the incorrect UI pointers for Aquamarine and Pistachio. As I said before, restarting the app after selecting either of the affected colours makes the correct colour activate. It's just the UI pointers that are inaccurate.

    EDIT 3: Device is ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 on Android 4.0.3 (issues described are unrelated to the ICS optimisations).
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  4. vpa

    vpa New Member

    I agree with this too. Does anybody have smaller display? I think that new pagination buttons must be big on it.
    Please make images wider too, at least as option. No errors found.
    And thanks for free green color, I'll set it for SGS3, on other ICS and JB I'll use blue one.
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  5. PALADiN

    PALADiN Member

    Ignore what it says in my screenshot. The free one is Aquamarine (the one on the second last row).

    EDIT: At least that's what I think it's supposed to be.
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  6. cviniciusm

    cviniciusm New Member


    Tapatalk ID registration is easy and fast.

    Enviado de meu Motorola Milestone 2 (Jelly Bean) usando Tapatalk 2.4 Beta.
  7. ignorantnerd

    ignorantnerd New Member

    Very good so far. Really like the new navigation bar

    Sent from my Jelly Bean powered Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  8. Jezz_X

    Jezz_X Member

    Nice I really like the new page buttons but I think they could be a little smaller in height really.
    Also the merging all the topics into 1 list is also great I constantly kept missing things in stickies because they were separated.
  9. Jezz_X

    Jezz_X Member

    Something I would like to see in future versions is the ability to hide the inner text of the posts and just show the titles so we can fit more topics in the lists.
  10. n11

    n11 New Member

    I've gotten 2.4 beta installed and operating with no immediately apparent issues...thanks.
  11. rmkilc

    rmkilc Active Member

    Winter, I haven't found any issues so far. The new pagination buttons are nice, and the merging of stickies to main list is awesome!

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  12. jis

    jis Active Member

    I have a problem with this feature, I just upgraded from 2.3.1 to 2.4 Beta and Announcement / Stickies hide for me the latest thread, for example this "Tapatalk 2.4 Beta Testing" thread in the "Tapatalk for Android forum". Hidding happened in front my eyes, when I enter forum I see for fraction of a second the latest thread on the top, then it is covered with Announcement / Stickies. See attached snapshots.

    The first one show how it look when I enter the forum (the latest thread is missing):

    The second one show how it look when I manually refresh the forum:

    Tapatalk VIP feature is just only planned, it is not in operation already, isn't it?

    Sent from rooted GT-I8150 2.3.6 ~ Tapatalk 2.4
  13. rmkilc

    rmkilc Active Member

    The blue bar is there showing what sub-forum I'm in, then after I refresh, it's gone.

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  14. jis

    jis Active Member

    @rmkilc: I cannot confirm this, see my attached snapshots in the post just before yours.

    Sent from rooted GT-I8150 2.3.6 ~ Tapatalk 2.4
  15. rmkilc

    rmkilc Active Member

    Try it in a forum powered by MyBB. I can't reproduce in any others I have tried.

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  16. jis

    jis Active Member

    Oh, you are right! I just tested that it happen on SwiftKey VIP forum, but not on any others I am subscribed.

    On other side, you haven't problem with hiding the latest thread which I described in the post #12?
  17. Yao

    Yao Android Developer Staff Member

    Reproduced the issue. Will fix it. Thanks!
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  18. jis

    jis Active Member

    Yao, thank you for confirming this issue, but I wonder why I was the only one who report it, because it is very disturbing. I am not happy at all with this "Merge Announcement / Stickies and normal topics into a single list" feature. I prefer previous implementation much more. Now I must scroll down in many forums through many screens full of stickies for a new threads :(.
    This feature is good on the big PC monitor, but not on a small screen of mobile phone.
    For me it is a big step back in the Tapatalk genial, quick and light UI.
    Great solution will be make this feature optional in the settings :cool:.
  19. Bjarne Hedén

    Bjarne Hedén New Member

    I really like the new pagination buttons!
    Merging of the stickies is a good move as well.

    Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk 2
  20. jis

    jis Active Member

    On the big 10.1" 1280x800 tablet screen, probably yes. But on 3.7" 800x480 small phone screen definitely not.
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