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Discussion in 'Tapatalk App Community' started by lostmail, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. lostmail

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    I installed the tapatalk plugin in my kunena forum.

    Than i tried the site in my android smartphone.

    Found that it works fine - a popup appears which tells the visitor that there is a tapatalk extension for my site available and asks to download it or not.

    I i don´t want to download it i go the normal forum site.

    Than i click a link in the forum and the popup comes again.

    It seems that the popup is comming for each link i click in the forum (Threads/Posts etc..)...

    Why is it not enough to click ONE time "NO" for the complete session i browse the forum ?

    Is it possible to use the tapatalk plugin without the popup reminder ? (Link in Website to the tapatalk app) ???
  2. Jayeley

    Jayeley Plugin Developer Staff Member

    The popup should show up only one time. It will be kept in browser cookie. What's your forum url? I'll try if it's device specific problem.
  3. lostmail

    lostmail New Member

  4. lostmail

    lostmail New Member

    Any idea ?

    In my phone i get the message popup when i browse the site and again when i oben a topic or links....again and again....:( (Android Smartphone).
  5. lostmail

    lostmail New Member

    SOLVED: Cookies were not accepted

    I checked my browser setting in android smartphone.

    Cookies were not turned on...:eek:

    Tunred to "on" and now the message does only come up one time.


    1.) Can the popup message be modiefied or changed to german language instead of english ?

    2.) there should be a pre check for smartphones if cookies are enabled or a message that cookies are not enabled.....otherwise visitors will run into same trouble like me....

    and please provide the App to other android portals too, (, so that german users can buy the app without a credit card - in germany the android market does not accept paypal..;-(