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Discussion in 'MyBB Discussion' started by ps915, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. ps915

    ps915 New Member


    i installed Tapatalk on my MyBB Forum but Push does not work.


    By the way: Tapatalk push notification test: Success URL

    How can i fix that?

  2. ps915

    ps915 New Member

    It is definitely not working! It never worked on this forum. I am using the iPad HD App which i think doesent support Push (But why??). But also th iPhone App sends no push notification!
  3. jeffrey

    jeffrey Super Moderator Staff Member

    Can you unzip the follows package and copy the "push.php" to the "mobiquo/" directory in your forum root directory, I need to check your forum conditions of push notifications , thank you .

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  4. ps915

    ps915 New Member


    push enabled : on
    test push data be send : sucess
    your server ip is : 
    push table is exist : yes
    push code have been added in phpbb : yes
    your forum url is :
  5. Jayeley

    Jayeley Plugin Developer Staff Member

    I checked again, and there is not push problem on our forum. Currently only iOS app support push notification.
    And I can see only four users on your forum have iOS tapatalk app.