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Discussion in 'Forum Owner Community' started by Chimpie, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Chimpie

    Chimpie New Member

    Has anyone tested out Google Analytics with Tapatalk?

    More and more of our users are visiting the site via Tapatalk and I want to make sure that every visit and hit is tracked.

    Is there a way to make sure this is being done?

  2. Chimpie

    Chimpie New Member

    It's been a few days - Bump.
  3. Parafly

    Parafly New Member

    I'd like to know this as well....
  4. telijah

    telijah New Member

    Purely a guess, but I imagine google analytics is working. However, after reading this thread, I decided to check out my GA page.

    I activated Tapatalk just yesterday, so I filtered the report to just that day. The site using Tapatalk ( is purely a Jeep enthusiast site, so most of my visits come from the USA.In fact, looking at the entire history on GA, I've never had hits from China.

    Well, yesterday, I had 2 visits from China, and I know Tapatalk is based out of China. So the details of those visits said both came from Shanghai (Tapatalk's development house). Now, unfortunately, I know one of Tapatalk's support guys is helping me with an issue and has gone to my site to help troubleshoot, so I do not know if the Chinese visits were him, or my Tapatalk users.

    So, I was typing all of this as I was analyzing the GA data, and have come to the conclusion that I really do not know how this affects GA, if at all...

    The only browsers reporting are IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. I have used Tapatalk on my site today a few times, and the only browsers today are the same, minus Opera.

    Here's a thought though. On my phpBB install, there was a folder called mobiquo... maybe there is a include file there that we can plug our GA snippet into for GA to properly track Tapatalk users...? Support folks wanna chime in any minute?
  5. winter

    winter Tapatalk Master Staff Member


    We actually looked into support GA - but found out that Google allows only one GA per app so it is not possible.

    Having that said you can visit our Forum Owner Area to see number of sessions and unique users that uses Tapatalk to visit your forum.
  6. iFonz

    iFonz Tapatalk Fan Boi

    So for rebranded apps this isn't an issue?
  7. winter

    winter Tapatalk Master Staff Member

    That's no an issue.
  8. telijah

    telijah New Member

    Is there a reason we could not put the GA code from Google in say like one of the /mobiquo/includes/ files?