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Discussion in 'Tapatalk App Community' started by nylimited, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. nylimited

    nylimited New Member

    In the age of PRISM and various agencies spying on the Internet I need to ask..

    Why does Tapatalk go to "" when I click a url in a post before I am redirected to my destination?

    More importantly how do i stop this intrusion? It is none of Tapatalk's business what links I visit!

    [ EDIT ] I suppose expecting an answer was silly. It may be more interesting to forward this info to the various antivirus companies and see if they consider it an unwanted intrusion of privacy...

    Which is worse: ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?
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  2. nylimited

    nylimited New Member

    Tapatalk is NOT sending you to the URL listed in the post! Unless my eyes are really off they are sending all my clicks to "" which, in turn, will redirect me to the actual link I wanted.

    For all those who wonder if Tapatalk could really be doing this here it is! Yes, they are! Recently, Tom placed a url in his post here which is what I used for testing. It is only a few posts back from this one. While viewing the post inTapatalk I tapped/clicked the URL and Tapatalk launched my browser with the following target address:

    You should note that:

    1. Tapatalk directs the browser to instead of the intended URL
    2. The string contains a portion identified by "out=" which is the actual URL I should have been going to
    3. The string also contains a portion identified by "loc=" which identifies the location or source of the click.
    4. The portions marked as "key=" and "subid=" have unknown uses (to me) and they could be used for any number of tracking possibilities
    Regardless of Quoord's (Tapatalk's) possible explanation (which has never been offered) my clicked destinations are not their business and sending all that information to their own server does invade my privacy.

    Short of someone writing some code to intercept and strip the target URL before it gets to the browser (any devs interested in writing this?) the only recourse one has is not to click but to copy the URL and manually paste it into a browser.

    Personally, I find this practice VERY DISTASTEFUL especially by a product which requires purchase!
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  3. MordyT

    MordyT Tapatalk Advocate

    They do it for viglink integration and other ads/stats for forum owners.

    Typed on the Nexus
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  4. nylimited

    nylimited New Member

    A supposition? They never mentioned the fact that their app "phones home" on Google but they posted a price.

    There is no acceptable reason to take data off my screen, without my permission, and do anything with it. Quoord's arrogance is superb.

    Which is worse: ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?
  5. Magissia

    Magissia New Member

    this kind of links you are yelling at is what allow people to make link that will be opened by tapatalk instaed of web browser in android, and i prefer to have tapatalk opened, really.

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  6. nylimited

    nylimited New Member

    Since the links I am speaking of open in the Chrome browser I have to admit I have no idea what you are talking about.

    And, if they did open in Tapatalk (which they do not) they should still not be sent to anyone else, be that the NSA or KGB or Tapatalk.
    Pretty simple.

    Which is worse: ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?
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  7. MordyT

    MordyT Tapatalk Advocate

    What do you mean by: "A supposition"
    If you don't like how Tapatalk changes links in their app, don't use it?
    While some links TT mods to have the forum open in TT instead of the browser, these links are not formated HTTPS://

    Instead, formated Tapatalk://URL

    Typed on the Nexus
  8. Magissia

    Magissia New Member

    Thanks for the precision

    Then i turn to op's camp.

  9. nylimited

    nylimited New Member

    That 'solution' ignores the issue at hand.

    Now, had I been informed that this app records information form my device without my consent *before* I purchased it your suggestion would be a good one and most likely I would have followed your advice.

    Unfortunately, Quoord elected to hide this information from the public and sell the product, a practice which is generally considered dishonest in most parts of the world. Since I already paid for it and since I doubt a refund would be available my choices are limited to making the information available to others who also do not wish to have their privacy invaded.

    Which is worse: ignorance or apathy? Who knows? Who cares?
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  10. piopio

    piopio Active Member

    @winter in tapatalk 4.1.0 you forget to spy on my clicks.
    There is no
    Can you please add this awesome future that breaks the functionality of intents...

  11. android136

    android136 Member

    Maybe we should redirect link.Tapatalk... In the hosts file.
  12. piopio

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  13. icecreamkid

    icecreamkid Active Member

    It's also a bit counter-productive in that links to forums supporting Tapatalk never get seen as Tapatalk capable.
  14. android136

    android136 Member

    Every time you click on any link in the new Tapatalk pro (paid) it goes first to link.tapatalk. This is totally unacceptable spyware behavior.
    If that url is blocked, all links don't work!
    This is the paid app. Didn't happen prior to the latest update.
    Will complain to Google.
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  15. android136

    android136 Member

    Went back to the pre-update version. Links now go to where they should without first passing by the link.tapatalk spy station.
  16. miki345

    miki345 New Member

    just clicked on the privacy link below, bumped into a "file-not-found"-error...

    Time to show tapatalk the "user-not-found" sign... deleting that app right now
  17. android136

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  18. Gnopps

    Gnopps New Member

    How come there hasn't been a reply on this from the developers? I certainly don't want my clicks going through a Tapatalk inspection before I see it. Especially since this is an app I've paid for.

    Edit: It seems Tapatalk has quietly updated their privacy policy to perhaps allow this, though they still say all interaction is between the user and the forum. More info:
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  19. android136

    android136 Member

    No reply is possible because that is the monetization plan they knowingly chose - even though you have paid them for the app, sometimes more than once!

    Only way out is to not use Tapatalk or use an older version (before the spying began) and not let the play store "update" it to the latest spy version.

    Using browser bookmarks also works fine.
  20. Eric_S

    Eric_S Administrator Staff Member

    It appears the links that are being referenced here are related to Viglinks. Viglinks creates links to buy products referenced in forums. If a user clicks on the links and makes a purchase, a small fee is paid by the seller (usually eBay or Amazon) and we pass 100% of the fees to the Forum Owners. The sub-IDs referenced identify what forum should receive the proceeds.

    This monetization helps support your Forum Owners.
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