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  1. Coding-Arena
    Coding-Arena mikeo
    I just tried to upload my APK to google play and got the following error:
    You need to use a different package name because "com.tapatalk.codingarenaid" already exists in Google Play.

    I don't know how (or if?) I can change my package name. It seems like something is wrong on your end since it's not assigning my BYO app a unique package name.
  2. Jezfederal
    Jezfederal moledj
    can you publish a site for me please?
  3. Jezfederal
    Jezfederal mikeo
    are you bale to publish my site for me please?
  4. jamera garcia
  5. Ste88
  6. Ste88
  7. Ste88
  8. Ste88
  9. Ste88
  10. Ste88
    Ste88 winter
    Help. Read My tread
  11. Ste88
  12. hebatbet
  13. Fitness Bilim
  14. oiswe aswrt
  15. Degek666
    Kan het vertaalt worden in hen dutch
  16. Degek666
    wie snapt er hier iets van wat is het doel?
  17. Degek666
  18. inakud
  19. Tom Spencer
    Tom Spencer mikeo
    How do I become a beta tester for tapatalk?
  20. pranav
    pranav Howdy
    hi i just installed necessary files of tapatalk in my forum bt i am getting error in mobiquo error on line 1 at column 1: Encoding error