3.3.0 Manual Install

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In short, I have tapatalk installed on SMF 2.0.2. We recently got an email saying the version we have installed is out of date (3.2.1) and there is a newer version (3.3.0). Also had members saying they get errors when they log in using the app "Contact administrator - out of date" or to that effect.

The long story is, we recently upgraded from SMF 1.1.12 after 4 years. We had been using Tapatalk 1.2.0 and then 2.0.0. When we upgraded to SMF 2.0.2 we lost the automatic mod installer. I've been manually installing every single mod. Phew! So far so good. Installed what I thought was the latest Tapatalk Mod manually (3.2.1) using SMF instructions. The problem is to install the latest version (3.3.0) I cannot find any manual instructions. I'm thinking the source files already contain the relevant code, so I just need to upload the latest Mobiquo folder and selected PHP files? Can someone please confirm?

The forum is:

And the test site is:

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Our installation process includes these parts:
1. mobiquo folder, source folder and theme folder, these three folder can be moved and override to forum root simply.
2.file modifications, it is descripted in package-info.xml.
3.process in db/install.php which includes:
a. integration_hooks
b. some db changes
The whole procedure is generated from install.xml, it is the key file.

What's more, you need to set the mobiquo related file permission to 755.

If you want to install tapatalk manually, for the first two parts, I think you can do it as you descripted. While the 3rd parts need someone that know SMF's hook mechanism, php and database knowledge. So I advise you to seek for friends' help which have knowledge like these or it is better if you konw it youself. You can use a newly SMF2.02 test forum and see what a successful installed Tapatalk like.

For any questions you encountered, please ask me. And if continue to do manual installation, you need to prepare facing complicated manual update in the future.

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Thank you euhow.
That should all be fairly straight forward apart from the modifications of SMF PHP files. SMF used to support the manual install of tapatalk on their modifications section. Doesn't look like this is the case any more, so as you said I need someone who know the hooks to apply the changes in the XML file.

I have used my test site in the past to install mods, then manually copied the changes on the live site. Unfortunately as I said, the automatic install on the live site is inactive. Not sure why.

I'll spend a bit of time reading the XML file to try and understand the changes. There are not many by the looks of it, just have to go in the right area!